Jan 14 -Feb 20 2020

(Video conferences on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11am - 2pm Central)

An online Social Justice circle on social analysis, social location, individual and systemic power, and the role of the prophet.

oppressionApr 15-21, 2020

A Social Justice learning circle on systems of oppressions (racism, sexism, heterosexism, colonialism, etc.), models of change, and theologies of resistance (liberation theology, feminist theology, queer theology, etc.)

agesApr 23-29, 2020

An Education and Worship learning circle on ministry with various age groups, development theory, curriculum, youth ministry, children’s ministry, adult education, ministry with seniors, and intergenerational ministry.

relationshipsMay-June 2020

An online Spiritual Care learning circle on intimate and familial relationships, sexuality and gender, family systems, weddings, covenants, relationship break-ups, and the role of minister as support.

storytellingOct 16-22, 2019

An Education and Worship learning circle on story, preaching, scripture as narrative, and the arts in worship and education

spiritualpracticeOct 24-30, 2019

A Spiritual Care learning circle on the history and diversity of Christian spiritual practices, private devotion and communal spirituality, discipleship, companioning.