Resources for Students

This section is for students of the Centre for Christian Studies. If you're not a student but would like to be, why not visit the Admissions page.

Note: Many of the resources linked to from this page are updated on a yearly basis. If you're downloading a Student Kit, for example, you might want to make sure it's the correct one for the current year.

View your personal profile - update your contact information, view your student history and externals progress, check the status of your assignments, etc. (Note: You will need a password to access your personal student profile. If you don't have a password or have forgotten yours, contact the Program Administrator.)


Student Kit

(AKA "Resources for Learning Circles and Assignments")

The Theme Year Student Kit contains information for students about CCS, curriculum, Fall and Spring Learning Circles, group norms, learning plans and learning partners, assignment schedule and expectations, and forms. Click here to download the current Student Kit (2.05 MB, pdf format), or go to the Student Kit page, where you can download relevant sections..


Field Kit

(AKA "Field Placement Kit")

The Field Kit is used by Theme Year students as part of their field placement learning. Parts of the Field Kit are also used by their field Learning Facilitators, Diaconal Mentors, and Local Committees. Click here to go to the Field Kit page, where you can download the entire Field Kit or just relevant sections.


Student 2 Student Handbook

The "Student 2 Student Handbook" is a resource created by CCS students and updated regularly. It contains helpful advice and useful information about being a student at CCS, including an introduction to the Travel Pool (administered by the CCS student body), Student Forum and community consultations, how to prepare for Learning Circles, where to look for money for tuition, and being part of the diaconal community.


Yahoo Groups

(AKA the "listserves" - which is an old term from the early days of the internet, but you know how some things stick)

All CCS students are part of a online Yahoo Group for their respective years/courses (eg. LDM2011, Pastoral Care 2011-2012, Reflection Year 2011-2013). The Yahoo Group is a way that CCS Program Staff can send a message to all students in a group at once and a way that students can contact and respond to each other. Membership in a Yahoo Group is by invitation only. Contact the Program Administrator if you are having trouble connecting to your Yahoo Group.

There is also CCS Students Yahoo Group that is administered by the student body.



  • Field Kit forms (eg. proposal, covenant, mid term reviews)- see field kit page.
  • Student Kit forms (eg. review of learnings, interview prep) - see student kit page.
  • Registration Form - for upcoming Theme Year, Reflection Year, Integrating Year, etc.
  • Police Records Check Form - for E&S chairpeople, Bishops, or Notary Publics to indicate that they have viewed a student's police record check. (Alternately, students can show records checks to the CCS Principal.)
  • Bursary Application Form - can be downloaded from the Awards & Bursaries page.
  • United Church of Canada Forms - link to the UCC forms page, where you can find forms like:
    • CAN204: Initial Certification to School or Program
    • CAN209: Application for Ordination/Commissioning
    • and other forms
  • Year End Review Process and Form ( PDF / RTF ) - from the Field Kit
  • GPE Proposal Form - for students wishing to take part in a Global Perspectives Experience, to be submitted to Program Staff


Financial Resources

See Awards and Bursaries



The Centre for Christian Studies seeks to be a community of learning characterized by relationships of mutual respect, free from exploitation, harassment, and abuse. CCS has a Harassment Policy and a Harassment Advisory Working Group to educate and support the CCS community (including CCS students, staff, and volunteers) on issues around harassment. If you have questions or concerns about harassment, please contact the Harassment Advisory Working Group.




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