Field Kit

The contents of the Field Placement Kit for the current theme year are listed below. (Scroll down for the upcoming year's Field Placement Kit.) Forms are included in the relevant sections.

Note: Field Kit sections are in pdf format. You can download a free PDF reader from http://get.adobe.com/reader/


Scoial Ministry Year Field Placement Kit
(2.6 MB, pdf format, updated 08/13/2012)


Sections of the Kit:

Table of Contents

Setting up the Field Placement

Section for Learning Facilitators

Section for Diaconal/Vocational Mentors

Section for Local Committees

Resources for Reflection

Accountability and Feedback



Forms from the Field Kit (in both pdf and rtf format):

Field Placement Proposal (PDF/RTF)

Field Covenant (PDF/RTF)

Learning Log form (PDF/RTF)

Mid Term Review (PDF/RTF)

Year End Review (PDF/RTF)


Additional Online Resources:

Beginning and Ending of a Field Placement:

Possible Rituals Beginning of a Field

Sample Letter Local Committees

Leaving and Marking the End

Diaconal Mentor Resources:

Mentoring Sessions - Educational Ministry

Mentoring Sessions - Pastoral Care

Mentoring Sessions - Social Ministry

Note: Readings for mentoring sessions are available from students.


Learning Facilitator Resources:

Other Elements of Facilitation

Evaluation of Learning Facilitation

Resources for Reflection:

Developing a Case Study

Journaling and Journal Summaries

Questions for Theological Reflection

Critical Incident Report

Preaching Response Form

Time Log Samples

Verbatim Reports

Wesley Quadrilateral


Upcoming Field Kit:

Educational Ministry Year Field Kit 2013-2014


Previous Field Kits:

Pastoral Care Year Field Kit 2011-2012

Educational Ministry Year Field Kit 2010-2011

(Revision notes from Ed Year to PC Year Field Kit)

Social Ministry Year Field Kit 2009-2010


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